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about 10 years ago

What the judges are looking for

As you put together your submission, bear in mind the competition judging criteria. Each judge weighs your submission against six benchmarks, so be sure to address each of them (Put yourself in the judges’ shoes — can you answer the questions below after reviewing your submission form, your PDF upload with required submission questions, and your video?).

Criteria for Studio Phase selection

  • Quality of the idea - Is your product original? Is it creative? Make sure you explain how your new product design is substantially different from the current market offerings.
  • Quality of the product design - Is your product design documentation thorough? To what degree is your product’s visual appeal and user-experience demonstrated? If you’re including a physical prototype, is it rendered well?
  • Commercial potential - How feasibly can your product be produced? What are its material and production costs? How scalable is it? What’s the potential demand?
  • Potential impact on NYC - How is your product a good fit for New York’s business ecosystem? Could part of the production value chain exist locally? What’s the potential for local product adoption?
  • Potential to benefit from Studio Phase - How do you or your team plan to use the Studio Phase to move your product forward in a way that could not be achieved without assistance?
  • Quality of team - What prior successes and experience do team members bring to the table? What’s the capacity of the team to execute and bring a product to market?


If you need help or have questions, find us at a local event! Check out Next Top Makers on the road to see where we’ll be over the next few months.

If you can’t swing by an event, you can always contact us via email. If you have any questions about the judging criteria or the challenge in general, feel free to shoot us an email at with “Next Top Makers” in the subject line, or post your question in Discussions.